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No Critique Desired Stamp by Leeanix No Critique Desired Stamp by Leeanix
DA used to have a nice feature that let you put the "No Critique Desired" label above your comments. But they took away a good feature. So here is a stamp for those of you like me that do not want critique unless we ask for it. I do not believe it is necessary to have critique to improve your art. You improve by doing no matter what anyone may tell you. Many of us already know our flaws, or as has happened to me, people pint out perceived flaws that I have done with purpose. This always happens to me. "It's supposed to be that way." And worst is when people give critique when it was not asked for. I do not do this. If something bugs me and I want to point it out I ask if they want to hear it. If they say NO then keep your mouth shut about it. I hope someone can make this into a PLZ for the free accounts to use on their deviations. This is not open to discussion so I am not allowing comments from the start. Critique is not necessary so do not give it to those that do not want it. If you agree with me, fave this and use it.
PLZ version now available for free accounts to use. :iconnocritiquewantedplz: : iconnocritiquewantedplz: with no space.
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May 2, 2013
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